Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Terrible Perfume

There once was a girl named Katie, and she had a play date with her friend Mckena. They started making perfumes by taking a play blender, adding water and some glitter, then they started mixing flower petals and some of Katie's perfumes.

They'd name each one, take some paper tape, write the name, stick it on a spray bottle, and put the wonderful-smelling perfume inside the spray bottles. Pretty soon they had made a BIG collection of the perfumes.

Then, when they went to the Missionettes meeting, the next Tuesday, Katie told Mckena before they made crafts, that the perfume rotted. She knew this because the day before, she had tried to wear it, and as soon as the perfume was on her neck, it made the whole house smell of rotten perfume.

She had wore it to Missionettes to show Mckena, and it smelt TERRIBLE!!! To this day, they have never made any more perfume, mixing different perfumes, flowers, glitter and water.


Aunt B said...

Great story, Peach. I didn't realize until your mom told me that the story was true. I thought it made the story even more funny. Keep up the good work, Mrs Potter.
Love, Aunt B