Monday, October 26, 2009

Just News...

My aunt went garage sale-hunting a little while ago and bought some Christmas cookies boxes. The people she bought them from said they bought them to make cookies and store them there, but they never did. My aunt bought them, and when it's Christmas, we'll be baking until time to go to bed probably. I love sugar cookies. They're so good. I absolutely have to have one every Christmas.
I've always dreamed of being a reporter. And I've always wondered what it would feel like to read my own writing in the newspaper. I'm like Kit Kittredge. To go to the site where I found Kit Kittredge, Click HERE. Once you're there at the site, click on Historical characters at the bottom of
the page. Then, once you're in it, click on any one of the games. Then you'll see at the bottom of the page, a button leading to Kit games. These games are fun for 8 yrs. through 12.


Aunt B said...

Hey, Peach! I'll look forward to eating those sugar cookies. Make plenty. Love, Aunt B
AND "Kit Kittredge" is one of my favorite American Girls. I always dreamed of writing for a News Paper too.

Country Granny said...

Breana and Syiera love sugar cookies too. I bet that's why you all are so sweet. Syiera, wanted to make some cookies tonight, but she had to go home. Maybe she can make some next week.
Love you Peach