Friday, October 9, 2009

My Aunt's

My Aunt's house is so cool. She has a dog named Macy. She's a Cocker Spaniel and she sometimes gets into mischief. She's a very nice dog. My Cousin bought her and then after she had grown, gave her to my aunt. She is about six years old. In dog years she is 42. One time, Macy had briers all in her little ears. I helped my aunt carefully cut out the long pieces and pull out the thorns.

This is part of some of my aunt's many acres of land. She grows hundreds of flowers, fruits and vegetables every year. This year her peach tree grew lots of peaches and we made peach pie. Elephant ears which look like elephant ears, sprout up when she plants them wildly here. I love to garden with her. Everything she throws out to plants for fertilizer, sprouts up from the ground with her flowers. We have wild muscadines and persimmons growing here. Me and my aunt like to cook things. It's something we share strongly. I cook with her almost every time I visit. She makes muscadine jelly. I don't know if I like it or not anymore because it's been so long since I tasted it.
Me and my aunt cook little pizzas with crusts made out of canned biscuits, tomatoes, bagels and sometimes English muffins. We add all kinds of things from her garden we've washed on them.
Cherry tomatoes, banana peppers and sometimes wild or green onions. I'll add a recipe here for you to try.

Homemade Pizzas
What you'll need: crust, (anything from a slice of tomato to canned biscuits)
tomatoes, peppers, pepperoni or any other toppings you like, a grown-up and a good working toaster oven or regular oven and a can or jar of pizza sauce.

Step 1
Roll up your sleeves and wash your hands. Then get your crust and roll it flat. (Only do this if the crust isn't tomatoes) Then you take the pizza sauce with a spoon and dip it out onto the crust.
Then you add lots (if you like) of cheese.

Step 2
Get all your toppings ready. Add all the toppings you like onto your crust and then ask a grown-up to put it in the oven for you. In the oven cook it about 5 minutes to 10 (or how much time it takes to make the crust crispy). Then ask the grown-up to take it out of the oven for you. (be careful, they're really hot) Then enjoy your pizzas! Be sure to pray before you eat! Try having this recipe for dinner one night!


Never Enuff Guitar Stuff said...

Pizza sounds yummy. Maybe we can get together sometime and have some.

Tammy said...

I want pizza! Must have pizza!! Aaaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Aimie said...

Sounds like a great recipe! I will have to try this with my munchkins this weekend!

Glad you had fun with your Aunt. :)