Monday, November 9, 2009

At My Aunt's Again

I went to my aunt's again recently and they bought some rope just today from Wiggins. She tied the rope to a tree, tied a pillow on the bottom of the rope. I take off running, then I lift my feet up onto the pillow and I swing back and forth from the rope tied to the tree.
My cousin had a computer that he would share with some other guys and when he didn't want it anymore, he gave it to my aunt. Then, after we started hooking up cords, we realized that one cord was missing. We went garage-sale-hunting again a few days ago because I stayed the night, and we found a cord that would work perfectly on the computer.
I also found a game for one dollar I had been wanting since it came out. (which was a pretty long while ago) Called Dream Life. Click on Dream Life to see offers on an online site for Dream Life. (I don't have Dream Life Superstar), (but I want it).


Aunt B said...

Hey, your back! I have missed you on here. So glad you got the game you wanted. AND glad you got the cord for Aunt W's computer too.
Look forward to seeing your next post.