Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reviews and News

I just watched part of the new Movie Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure. I missed the beginning, :( but I LOVED what I saw.
I'm going to either be EVERYTHING when I grow up, or I'll be ALMOST everything, but I'm practicing at writing/critic skills.
Here's my Review of (what I saw of) the movie Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure.

It was filled with excitement, adventure, fun, and fairies. Tinker Bell has a big responsibility-connected job. She has to take care of the autumn scepter, (as far as I know) which brings the blue pixie dust to Pixie Hollow. If the blue pixie dust does not reach the pixie dust tree, the pixie dust will be weakened, and hardly any will be left. Tinker Bell learns that you can't blame other people for things you did, and you should try not to have fights with friends.

Thank you for reading my review.

You can find more Tinker Bell and friends at this site. Click HERE.

If you want to find places to buy the regular movie click HERE.
You can find the newest Tinker Bell movie HERE.


Aunt B said...

Hey, your review made me want to watch the movie. I like little Tink anyway. Look forward to watching the movie. You should work for Disney!

Tammy said...

Great Review. I like Tinker Bell!! I'm definitely going to watch.

Max said...

Nice site. My little sister really likes the new Tinkerbell too.

Peach said...

Just testing your comment thing.