Monday, February 22, 2010

My review of The Diary Of A Killer Cat

Amy has started a monthly book club for kids, and this month's book is The Diary Of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine.

When a cat kills a bird, his world turns upside down. He is blamed for killing a rabbit in the next-door's yard, his cat-door is nailed so he can't get in if he goes out, and he has to go to the vet to get his shot for rabies!
Mixed with a funny twist, I would recommend this book for anyone who needs a laugh. I enjoyed reading this book.

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P.S. I didn't know that cats could talk. Just kidding!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Staying Comfy: February

This is my mother's meme. If you would like to see more staying comfy posts, click HERE

When there's snow, like now, I like to have a snowball fight, then come inside to drink hot chocolate or hot tea by the fire. Afterward, I play with my poodle Cookie.
Then I make little Valentines for my mother, father, and brother. Besides Christmas, Valentines day is my favorite holiday.
We make a little mail box every year, and we mail our Valentines the night before and we read them together on Valentines Day.
I love all of the colors in Valentines Day. I also like to make heart-felt poems and notes for my family.

I hope all a' you have a Happy Valentines Day, and I hope you get a lot of Valentines!

P.S. I made the picture on the bottom.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 30th Post!

For my official 30th post, I'll list some of my favorite sites!
I shop at these places Walmart Ebay
I play these games Holly Hobbie Hello Kitty's Play Room American Girl

I have heard about Wii Fit Plus, and I want it, but I'll have to spend most of my money to get it. SO I'm seeing if I still want it after a week, and after that, I'll read reviews about it. I am just making sure I ABSOLUTELY want it as bad as I think.
Here's where you can shop for this. CLICK HERE

My puppy Cookie's doing fine. I think that she's sweet, because when I lay down in the floor, she climbs up on my tummy and tries to lick my cheek. She has been really energetic lately. I wish I had that much energy...

Thank you for your time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Business

Can all of you believe it's already February? I hardly can. I have been thinking about writing heart-felt notes in my Valentines, too. I think people will like that as well as the Valentine.

Today in homeschool, I studied about the February 2010 Winter Olympics. It's quite interesting. It's amazing how many people go to the Olympics every four years.
There is also another kind of Olympics for people with physical disabilities.
It's called Paralympics.

The Olympics will be held this time in Canada for the third time.

My puppy is running around and playing right now. She's been so energetic this week, and we named her Cookie! Is that not a cute name? She always dashes around a lot in the living room before she plays tug-of-war, or fetch.

I hope all of y'all enjoy Valentines Day!