Monday, February 1, 2010

February Business

Can all of you believe it's already February? I hardly can. I have been thinking about writing heart-felt notes in my Valentines, too. I think people will like that as well as the Valentine.

Today in homeschool, I studied about the February 2010 Winter Olympics. It's quite interesting. It's amazing how many people go to the Olympics every four years.
There is also another kind of Olympics for people with physical disabilities.
It's called Paralympics.

The Olympics will be held this time in Canada for the third time.

My puppy is running around and playing right now. She's been so energetic this week, and we named her Cookie! Is that not a cute name? She always dashes around a lot in the living room before she plays tug-of-war, or fetch.

I hope all of y'all enjoy Valentines Day!


Aunt B said...

Good blog, Peach! I love reading your blog. I can hardly believe that it is almost Valentine's Day either. BUT ... I love it! I look forward to seeing your Valentines you make. You're a good artist and a good writer. I think you get that from you Aunt B. Just kidding.