Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My 30th Post!

For my official 30th post, I'll list some of my favorite sites!
I shop at these places Walmart Ebay
I play these games Holly Hobbie Hello Kitty's Play Room American Girl

I have heard about Wii Fit Plus, and I want it, but I'll have to spend most of my money to get it. SO I'm seeing if I still want it after a week, and after that, I'll read reviews about it. I am just making sure I ABSOLUTELY want it as bad as I think.
Here's where you can shop for this. CLICK HERE

My puppy Cookie's doing fine. I think that she's sweet, because when I lay down in the floor, she climbs up on my tummy and tries to lick my cheek. She has been really energetic lately. I wish I had that much energy...

Thank you for your time!