Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Staying Comfy: February

This is my mother's meme. If you would like to see more staying comfy posts, click HERE

When there's snow, like now, I like to have a snowball fight, then come inside to drink hot chocolate or hot tea by the fire. Afterward, I play with my poodle Cookie.
Then I make little Valentines for my mother, father, and brother. Besides Christmas, Valentines day is my favorite holiday.
We make a little mail box every year, and we mail our Valentines the night before and we read them together on Valentines Day.
I love all of the colors in Valentines Day. I also like to make heart-felt poems and notes for my family.

I hope all a' you have a Happy Valentines Day, and I hope you get a lot of Valentines!

P.S. I made the picture on the bottom.


Aimie said...

Very sweet post! Hot chocolate or tea by the fire is one of my favorite things too!

Tammy said...

You make Valentine's Day sound really fun. Thanks for participating.

Aunt B said...

Hey, I can leave a comment. "FINALLY!"
I read all your stuff, Miss Potter. I just can't always comment. I like the part about heart felt Valentines. They are the best. I love the picture of the two hearts too. Oh, and congratulations on your 30th post. I didn't get to comment on it. I love reading your posts, I'm always checking to see when you put on something new. You are a writer! Love you! Aunt B