Monday, June 7, 2010

Staying Comfy: June

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My family and I watch the fire works every year at the football stadium here. I enjoy them. I hope we can film them this year. Sometimes my aunt buys fireworks you can do at home. We use them all up almost every year. I can REALLY tell it's summer when I see fireworks.
I LOVE swimming in summer. It's not EVER too hot to swim. I have been practicing swimming like a mermaid. We like to watch movies, with popcorn and blankets on Friday, too.
Thanks to all of you for reading! Hope you enjoyed reading this!


Tammy said...

Great job Peach!!!!
I like your mermaid move in the water, that's pretty cool. I look forward to Fri. Movie night.
Thanks for participating.

Aunt B said...

Hey, cool stuff! Keep practicing the swimming. I hope you get lots of pretty fireworks. Hey, enjoy your movie night. Great writing, keep it up!