Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past: Mountain Tower

Check list for defeating Moldorm:
Bombs, fairies in bottles.
How to get bottles: You can buy one from the merchant in Kakariko village, and in the Dark World, after you are in the water is if heading toward the fifth palace, transport to the light world in the triangle. (you must have flippers) Then, talk to the man lying on the ground. He will give you another bottle.
How to get flippers: Lift the rock blocking the way to a new path at the potion shop, in the light world. Go to the very top of the map as you can get, (have 500 rupees ready) and you will come to a secret place. Go around in the lighter water until you find the last of it. Then, you can buy the flippers.

When you get to the boss, before you go into the square where he is, throw some bombs at his tail. If they hit him, they'll lower his health making it easier to kill him. Once you go into the ring, avoid his head and the edges. You can relax because you have fairies. Keep your sword charged, and when you are close enough, hit his tail. After about four times he will die, and you will get your last pendant.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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Do you like to mostly follow trends, are you out with new styles, or are you the closest follower? Take my quiz and find out!

Q1 Your cousins are just wild about some new clothing brand. They ask you to come with them to look for new ones. What would you do?

A. Jump at the idea and definitely go.
B. Think about it, and then decide to look at a lot, but buy little.
C. Say "No, thanks. Maybe some other time."

Q2 At the video store, you see your two best friends. They're wearing a striped black and pink shirt. What would you do?
A. Say "OOH! I like your shirts. Where did you get them? I want one."
B. Look at their shirts and say "Cool shirts. Were they on sale?"
C. Pay no attention and start chatting about cool movies you've seen.

Q3 You are bored and decide to read some magazines. Which magazine would you read?
A. A fashion designer magazine, with all the latest trends.
B. A Sewing magazine which has a few trends.
C. A "Girl Talk" magazine with advice, pictures and puzzles.

Q4 You have just received a new outfit from a very new brand for Christmas from your aunt. What would you do?
A. Thank her very much for it, because you know she knows you love the new brands.
B. Tell her politely that you love it, and go on to the next present.
C. Tell her your thanks, and then repeatedly tell yourself it will go out of style soon.

Q5 You see four girls at a grocery store and they are all wearing the same simple, brown skirt and pink shirt. What would you do?
A. Scan all clothing stores you know until you find the same kind of clothes.
B. Sew yourself something similar.
C. Notice it, think they look like quadruplets, but do nothing about it.

Q6 You find at your friend's house a designer magazine. What would you do?
A. Try to memorize the title and scan every word for fashion news.
B. Zip through the pages, to look through it quickly.
C. Don't do anything to it, just continue playing with your friend.

Q7 Your cousin asks if you like this dress on her in the store. What would you do?
A. Of course, say yes, because it is the newest designer.
B. Say you think that it clashes with her hair.
C. Say you think the style is wrong.

If your answers were mostly A, then you are very up to date in fashion! You love to judge new trends, go shopping for new designers, and read fashion magazines.

If your answers were mostly B, then you are not usually one to follow trends. You only go shopping for new designers every once in a while. Sometimes you look through magazines to find styles, but most of the time, if you see something you want, you get by with something similar.

If your answers were mostly C, they you are barely to no fan of fashion and trends. You never try to follow trends, and you think nothing of seeing people dress alike. You don't hate new brands, if you like the clothes, though.

Please comment and put your answers on it.
Thank you for reading.

Fireworks Time!

It's almost the fourth of July! I can't wait! The fireworks always mesmerize me. They're so beautiful. We always go to the football stadium. I'm so excited! I'm going to wear a shirt with a flag on it, and so is my brother, my Mother, and Father. I love fireworks. Last year, my aunt had bought some hand fireworks to light after we got back from the football stadium. She also bought us some fireworks that shoot up in the air. One of them, barely missed my head! We had set it on top of a small hill, and had it laying vertically. I backed up a bit, to see it go the opposite way, and it shot out the wrong end and was about an inch away from my head!

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Thank you all very much for reading this.