Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Legend of Zelda A Link to The Past: Mountain Tower

Check list for defeating Moldorm:
Bombs, fairies in bottles.
How to get bottles: You can buy one from the merchant in Kakariko village, and in the Dark World, after you are in the water is if heading toward the fifth palace, transport to the light world in the triangle. (you must have flippers) Then, talk to the man lying on the ground. He will give you another bottle.
How to get flippers: Lift the rock blocking the way to a new path at the potion shop, in the light world. Go to the very top of the map as you can get, (have 500 rupees ready) and you will come to a secret place. Go around in the lighter water until you find the last of it. Then, you can buy the flippers.

When you get to the boss, before you go into the square where he is, throw some bombs at his tail. If they hit him, they'll lower his health making it easier to kill him. Once you go into the ring, avoid his head and the edges. You can relax because you have fairies. Keep your sword charged, and when you are close enough, hit his tail. After about four times he will die, and you will get your last pendant.