Thursday, September 9, 2010

Animal Crossing City Folk: How to Make Money FAST

OK, so you need money on Animal Crossing City Folk. You might need some time to do all of this. (After you do it, you'll be RICH)

1. Sell seashells. It's not exactly the fastest way to make money, but every little bit helps.

2. Pick fruit. This is slow, but steady. You should probably plant about three pears out of 30 to make some new trees every time you get them, so you'll have more when they grow. (Don't forget to water the sprouts!)

3. Make hybrids. So you probably have about two or three of the same flowers in your town, right? So we pick all of the flowers, find an empty area, and plant them so that they may be two in a row diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Water those every day for about 3 days to a week and you should see another flower produced by them. Don't have two opposite flowers together such as pansies and tulips, and don't run when you come to the place where they are.

4. Shake trees. Have your net handy in case of bees. If you get stung, don't use medicine or anything, until you have been stung by every bee you'll be stung by while you shake all of the trees. Then, put on your Mii mask so that animals won't freak out when they see you.

5. Check the recycling bin and lost and found for items. Sell them all to Nook, if you don't want to keep some.

6. Check the sea for seashells again.

7. Talk to animals and do them favors. Sell the items that don't match your house theme.

8. Dig up gyroids, items and fossils. Give the fossils to Blathers, and if you already have them in your museum, take them back and sell them. Put the gyroids in your house and sell the items. If you don't like the gyroids that you keep, save them until a display period comes on at the auction house, or a flea market, then sell them.

9. Check your mail for letters with presents. Sell any presents you don't want.

10. Dig a hole behind you every time you do it, and hit every rock in town, and when money starts coming out of one, hit it until it's run out.

11. Fish or catch bugs and sell them.

12. Watch the sky carefully for balloons. Shoot them down with your slingshot and sell anything you don't want.

13. Put your money in the bank and save your game. On the starting spot where Rover is, put "Other Things" and change the time to 8-28-2010 at 11:00 P.M. Get your net ready and catch the beetles. WARNING: There will be scorpions and tarantulas. Try to catch them, but if you can't, that's fine. They sell at Nooks for about 8,000 Bells, but you might have to wait. Store all of the bugs you catch in your house, until your pockets and house are full of bugs. Then, save, change the time to the real one, and sell most of your bugs. If you save one of the bigger bugs, you could set it to the bug-off and win the trophy. (ANOTHER WARNING: You might have bed head and/or lose your tan if you had one.) MAJOR MONEY.

TA DA! You're RICH! Thanks for reading.

We Went To a Cherokee National Holiday Powwow!

I got to go to a Cherokee Powwow. It was awesome. There were girl dancers with bells on their dresses, and they had the most beautiful colors. They also had ruffles on them. I can tell now, why they call it Powwow. It makes you want to yell "WOW!".
The men had robes with feathers. AND LOTS OF THEM. The drums were toe-tapping. There were some toddlers behind us where we sat, and they were just dancing to it. I don't blame them. It was just where you could hardly keep from dancing. I got a bow and arrow, and my Dad got a "Native Pride" shirt from a stall there. It was just beautiful. They competed when they danced, and the junior girls tied twice for first place! I wish they would've danced more. I loved going there.