Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back to Homeschool

Week 1

So, I've started homeschooling again. I've been doing a nature journal where you go outside, pick something - any type of plant or tree - and write things about it you know, research on it if you want, draw or paint a picture of the plant or tree, it's leaves or buds. The first thing I'm researching on is mint. We have some growing in our yard.
This is a picture of my first page.

I also tried mint tea.

We have P.E. where we stretch, do a different exercise about five times around it, such as galloping, and walk around a table until the microwave timer beeps.

We have recess where we play badminton, or catch a ball, or play frisbee. (Not for very long in this heat, though)

So, overall, I like it pretty well. I'm just not really used to it yet. Wishing you all good school days!


Aunt B said...

I tried this once, so if you wind up with two of these comments that's why.
I love what you're doing with the nature study. I hope you put more stuff on here. It makes me feel like I'm apart of your homeschool. I Love it! Aunt B

Nordyke Academy Blog said...

I am a homeschool momma and I love your blog.I have Cherokee Indian in me, my Grandma was 1/2 Cherokee.
Love the work on your bog.
May the Great Spirit bless you ♥